Dyehouse Comeriato Architect is a full service-oriented architectural firm specializing in commercial and residential architecture.

Our team has been servicing homeowners in Southwest Florida for over 30 years, and we have completed many successful projects.

We invite you to set up a consultation through our office in Naples FL,  and encourage you to browse our gallery of recent projects.


From predesign to post construction, our team will make sure your new home is one of a kind, and exactly what you envisioned.

  • We Discuss Your Vision
  • Submit a Design Proposal
  • Review a Schematic Design
  • Create Design & Construction Documents
  • Begin the Project
Calusa Island Village
Architecture model

Whether you’re looking for a brand new custom home, or you need a complete remodel of an existing property, our home designers have the expertise to provide you with the services you require.

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Our team specializes in designing the exterior of new home construction projects, as well as interior designs of condominiums.


  • We have 30 years experience designing homes
  • Our client’s needs always come first
  • We create one of a kind residential spaces
  • Each home is designed in a unique way
inside a beachfront condominium

We design new homes, we add on to and remodel existing homes, and we re-design and update existing condominiums.

If you’re looking for a house designer, we’re here to help!


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